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Draco Malfoy/Hermione Granger

5,000 Words or Less
The Days That Lie Ahead (2638 words) - General Audiences
When Scorpius is threatened by the secret his father's been keeping locked up in the cellar, Draco is finally forced to face the consequences of a decision he made more than a decade earlier.

A Shadowed Land (3111 words) - General Audiences
After impulsively proposing to Hermione, Draco finds himself threatened with being disowned. He comes to Hermione with a compromise, asking her to agree to postpone their engagement until his parents come around. Hurt and frustrated by his continued refusal to choose her over his parents, she leaves him. Over the next few months, Draco is left with plenty of time to contemplate his actions.

Textbooks and Treats: Stolen Sweets (815 words) - General Audiences
After a Hogwarts Halloween party, Hermione finds herself dealing with ethics, pasties and temptation.

Textbooks and Treats: Lost and Presumed Destroyed: One lantern, school-issued (1941 words) - General Audiences
Friday nights aren't supposed to consist of schoolwork, property damage, and being set on fire.

Three Turns Through Darkness (2996 words) - Teen And Up Audiences
After the final battle, the Malfoys find themselves unwilling guests in Hogwarts' Room of Requirement.

Out of Order (4406 words) - Teen And Up Audiences
Hermione's stuck in a broken lift with a tipsy Draco Malfoy. What a way to spend the Friday before Christmas.

15,000 Words+
On the Perils of Free Advice (16474 words) - Explicit
Draco's stuck working as a sex-advice columnist after the Ministry impounded both his family's money and Malfoy Manor. He traded on his sex god reputation at Hogwarts in order to get the job, but there are a few small problems: he's a virgin, and he also has no idea what he's talking about.

When Hermione Granger arrives at his office, irate at the poor quality of his advice, Draco finds himself blackmailed into letting her instruct him on the proper way to give sex advice. She apparently gets up to some pretty creative sexual practices in her spare time, but she's also an irritating, intrusive know-it-all. Draco should be chomping at the bit to get rid of her, so why is he fantasizing about her all the time?

20,000 Words+
Amateur Cartography (20995 words) - Teen
That one-night stand with Draco Malfoy was a mistake. Hermione doesn't make mistakes, or at least she isn't supposed to. She's working hard at her Ministry career, however frustrating and pointless her job may be, and she's also got to live up to everyone's expectations as Hogwarts's most famous Muggle-born and a top-tier War Hero. So, why is she still sleeping with Draco Malfoy, ex-Death Eater and infamous pureblood? And why isn't she certain that she wants to stop?

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