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Format mirrored from my post at [community profile] hp_betas_wanted

Rating: Explicit
Pairing/Gen: Hermione Granger/Scorpius Malfoy
Need Help With: Grammar, sentence structure, light editing.
Deadlines?: Next two or so weeks would be ideal.
Warnings/Contains: Cross-gen relationship, but the younger party is in their early twenties. Total smut.
Other Info: So, I actually already wrote and posted this fic, but due to a deadline crunch I didn't have time to get a beta or have it brit-picked. A fact which is slowly gnawing at me.

Here's the fic: Recall (1569 words) by faviconworksofstone
Summary: The summer after her divorce, Hermione finds more than musty books in Vienna.

As I mentioned earlier, it's already been posted, so I'm not looking to make major changes (POV, structure, plot), but I'm definitely open to sentence re-writes, paragraph restructuring, cleaning up clarity of language, grammar changes, and the like. :)
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