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So, re-archiving is one of those great fandom taboos. The general (current) consensus in 2012 is that re-archiving shouldn't be done without the explicit permission of the author (barring an event like a transfer of servers as done with an archive owner's permission).

However, I just want to state that should I become incommunicado for a year or more (no posts at archives or journals, not responding to comments, emails, etc), I give explicit permission for my fic to be re-archived wherever people would like to archive it.

In the long run, I'd rather have more copies of my work out there than have fewer (or none).

Technically, I believe the Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License (which is the license for all my works) could be interpreted to allow for re-archiving without express author permission, but I just wanted to make it explicit that I'm okay with re-archiving.

Ideally, don't do so unless I fall off the face of the planet or something (aka, the one year time limit), but if I appear to be permanently AFK, as long as you re-archive my fic with credit, it's fine by me.
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