Posting Round 8 Fic to AO3

Jul. 22nd, 2017 06:21 am
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Hi Remixers!

It's two weeks out from the one-month countdown to Due Date on September 5!  So, there are 45 days until you must relinquish your lovely fics!

There's still plenty of time left!

For those early birds who have completed their fics and are keen on posting to AO3, here is an excellent
AO3 Posting Guide PDF, created by slytheringrrl, that you can view/download from Google Drive.

Just some reminders and tips about posting your fic:

1. Your work must:

  • Have a word count between 2,500 and 25,000 words (fics only).

  • Be beta read. See the FAQ for details.

  • Include a short summary of the inspiring couple, to give context for folks who are unfamiliar with the original pairing.

  • Remain exclusive to this collection until the master list has been posted. Then you can cross-post.

2. Remember to add your fic to the Dramione Remix Round 8 collection!  (Associations-->Post to Collection/Challenges)  This ensures your fic is "unrevealed" until the appropriate time.

3. It is up to you to format/code your fics. Although AO3 does have a rich-text formatter, it can be unpredictable at times, so it's recommended that the special text elements, i.e. underline, bold, italics, etc., are coded using the appropriate HTML.

4. We encourage you to submit your fic before deadline because it gives us time to look it over and alert on any updates that may be needed before your fic's big reveal!

Here are two useful posts that can answer some questions you may still have about posting to AO3: here and here.  Just remember that the posts were created for past rounds, so the round numbers and due dates have since changed.

If you have any other queries or concerns not already covered, leave a comment below or email us at

Thanks for reading and good luck with your writing!

Happy Remixing!

Jen, Sam, and dors

The Power of a Smile

Jul. 18th, 2017 08:12 am
eustacia_vye28: (Time Turner)
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Title: The Power of a Smile
Author: Eustacia Vye
Author's e-mail:
Pairing: Draco/Ginny
Notes: This is written for the 2017 D/G Forum Exchange on, but Real Life conspired so that I wasn't actually part of the exchange. So I just grabbed a prompt to write, because it's been aaaaaaaaaaaaages since I've written these two together.
Prompt: Ginny has been put under a curse of some kind. Draco is the only one who can break it. Feel free to go a little off-canon with the magic here, because the curse should be enduring in some kind of way. In other words, something bigger and harder to break than a Leg-Locker Curse, for example. More on the lighthearted side rather than something dark, but there can be serious moments as well.
Summary: Ginny thought she was good enough to avoid curses while working as an archaeologist. When cursed, she needed the help of the best curse breaker to get her sight back. Her brother was too upset to do it, so his assistant Draco Malfoy had to step up to do the job.

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