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Feb. 16th, 2012 10:46 am
worksofstone: (Default)

I think we can all come to an understanding that this picture needs a fic many fics written for it by many people. Slytherin!Harry, Harry and Draco friendship, and Flirty!Draco hitting on Ravenclaw!Hermione. DO WANT.

Also, head canon says that in this AU, Hermione's in the year before them.* So, now we get Draco with The World's Worst Hidden Crush** on that Girl Who's A Year Ahead of Him.

Yes. This needs to Be A Thing.


*Given that her birthday's September 19, let's say that she made the cut-off for the class of '97.
** Except to Captain Oblivious (Harry) and Oh My God, You're So Annoying, Malfoy, Go Away (Hermione)
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